Improv Corner – Write Down Your Best Lines

Today we are revisiting the world of The Office Star Rainn Wilson’s autobiography  I have already written a number of articles about improv from this book as there was so many points that he made throughout that I thought was valuable for improvisers.

So lets get on with the next part and firstly, have a look at the exerpt that I have screenshot below:


Rainn Wilsons Autobiography The Bassoon King

Whilst these lines may of appeared in the Office and Rainn only wrote them down in his book to make a point I think it is a fun discussion – should you write down your favourite improvised lines?

I am a strong arguer of yes – whilst they may not have any meaning to anyone years later, I think if you do a show and you have a line that creates a lot of laugh or one that even makes you laugh on stage I think you should write it down and keep a copy. I think this for a number of reasons:

  1. Memories – it is always fun to look back in a notebook where you keep all these silly lines you say and re-read them. Just reading them will make you laugh or remember the fun that you had on stage.
  2. Ego Boost – Are you having a bad day or just had a really bad set on stage and now that horrible sound in the back of your head is telling you how rubbish you are performing? Well, reading these lines from shows that went well can give you an automatic ego boost and make you feel better again.
  3. Inspiration – You never know what these lines could do for you later down the line – are you a writer? You never know something you have said improvised could lead to something great for a script you are producing.
  4. Game Ideas – again one little word could lead to an inspiration for a game, may be something tiny but you never know until you have those improvised lines written down just what they can do for you!

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