Improv Corner – Improvise To Surprise!

You may notice a pattern with these articles that ever so often I will refer to Rainn Wilson’s book – well I read that book and felt that there was a lot that was relevant to this article so yet again we are going back to this again. Read the excerpt below and then I will explain what I thought about when I read this.


An Excerpt from Rainn Wilson’s Autobiography

So as you can see it isn’t as relevant as what you probably thought but this paragraph made me think of it in relation to improv. A lot of people who come to shows that are not improvisers are always surprised that the content that they see is made up on the spot. I was the same, when I watched Whose Line Was a kid this didn’t really relate because as a 7 year old I used to find Ryan Styles Goofy and that’s why I Liked it. No, i am talking about when I re-found Improv when I was video editing in 2012 for ComComedy and came across The Noise Next Door.

I was fascinated with them and the fact everything was made up on the spot and I remember the first time I saw them live at St James Theatre I walked away not able to breath as I was laughing so much. That fascination of them making things up on the spot is what lead me to want to train in it.

I think that is where the magic of impov lies – the magic and sometimes it is important to remind ourselves as improvisers that even if we do mess up on the stage – it doesn’t matter the audience will enjoy what you are putting on there and they will believe in its magic even if you do not!

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