REVIEW: YUNGBLUD, Intimate As F*** Tour, Pryzm, Kingston

If you are paying attention to the new generation of music, then the name Yungblud is one word that is starting to be the name on people’s lips. He is the singer that is becoming the voice of the youth and you only need to listen to the lyrics of his songs to see that he isn’t afraid to needle down into his emotions. In the past week he has released his latest EP which is set to storm up the charts. This week he did a couple of intimate shows in Kingston to celebrate the release.

The first thing you notice is that his audience is swarming with teenagers as young as 14 to early twenties – you can tell that his music has a big impact on the audience and also inspires their fashion – everything from the bright hair, to the clothing to the makeup, which comes in the basic forms of black lipstick to the more creative of artwork decorated on faces. I started to talk to the fans in the queue going into the venue and one of them was telling me that her friends had queued since 1am that morning. Considering these two shows, the early and the late were approx no more then 2000 people, that really is dedication and shows you the level of admiration these fans have for Yungblud.


Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations

It feels like this is a new stream of rock / emo / punk like influence on the youth and they are greedily waiting for their idol to approach the stage. I have never been at a gig before, and this is including boybands as well, where the crowd screams that the queue is allowed to go into the venue. Not just a quiet scream a loud dominant one that security have to make sure no-one gets hurt when they walk through the doors.

The stage is full of instruments, so straight off the bat you know that this is going to be a music filled feast of a show. It is only a short set but with the amount on stage you know it is going to be something you need to witness. Before Yungblud is on the stage two sets of candelabras are lit with a lighter to create an ambiance. I have been to many rock gigs and I have never seen this on happen before but it creates a hauntingly poetic background which echoes essences of old music styles and themes to the new and the innovative.

You know Yungblud is approaching the stage even before he sets one foot on the platform as the audience go mental, deafening screams, a strong push forward in the mosh pit and arms at the ready to welcome their music hero.

This set is sort of stripped back versions of his songs – not entirely this isn’t an acoustic set – just enough to make it that little bit more special. When Yungblud leads into the first song, Loner, his energy is automatically felt in the whole room and so is his personality – he may of been around for a short time but he can really perform well for an audience – his singing is exquisite, his energy playing the guitar is evident from the off and you can tell he knows how to put on a show.

yungblud 2

Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations

The set may be short but that doesn’t stop him producing the songs, every song that he brings to the stage is brought with an audience singing back to him every single word at the top of their lungs. At one point in the show you can tell that his fans knowing all of his lyrics really do mean the world to him and you can see the emotion in his face, especially when he says at the end of a song he will remember that moment as long as he ‘f******’ lives.

Yungblud’s lyrics may have moments of darkness throughout but in regardless to what you think of his music and for being an outspoken individual, you have to praise him highly for the way he looks after his fans. Through one of his songs he makes the band stop playing to make sure that the security attend to someone in the mosh pit is OK. Another time he brings a girl on stage because she is also suffering in the mosh pit and allows her to sit on stage at his piano to make her feel better. Even as the gig is ending he spots someone walking up the stairs away from the mosh pit looking like they are in pain and he makes sure that the security guards double check they are OK.

I walked into this gig not really knowing what to expect, over the past weeks his shows have made headlines and going into it I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. Walking away I think it was a really fantastic concert, he has so much energy and live he is fantastic. His energy is infectious and it spreads across the stadium.

I can’t help it but to me he felt like a mellow version of the Joker that Cameron Monaghan depicted in Gotham. I am not talking about the violence I am talking about the persona of the character – the way that people listen to him, people are inspired to be who they want to be and just like Cameron’s character when he steps into a room he is the complete and utter focus and is starting a revolution.

yungblud 4

Photo Credit: Bartolo Creations

There is one thing I have learnt from this show and that is whether you are a fan of his music or not, he is the voice of the next generation and he isn’t going anywhere. He is here to be heard and he is bringing an army of music lovers along with him on the ride.

Rating: **** 4 Stars 

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