Timeline from the Bristol Improv Theatre’s Re-brand Launch

After 9 months of hard work and something called “Onboarding”, we launched our re-brand on Friday 6th September! For those who couldn’t make the launch, whether it was geographical or any other reason, here’s our run-down of how the night went!

6pm: guests (Including press, partners, staff & volunteers) arrived and were greeted with pizza and prosecco in our atmospheric bar.

Pizza and Prosecco Pic

 7pm: Artistic Director Caitlin Campbell gives a presentation about the theatre’s story and future, and why we chose to launch a rebrand at this time. 

Caitlin Presentation Pic

7.15pm: Chair of our board of directors Andy Yeoh launches our search for new trustees to join our board with his presentation about the current board and why we want to bring people with new skills to the team of governors. 

Andy Presentation Pic


7.30pm: Doors open for the evening show, with more drinks in the bar!

Bar Pic


8pm: The Bish Bosh Bash! We chose our flagship comedy gameshow as the perfect event to launch our re-brand, as it encapsulates the energy and fun of the theatre.

Bish Bosh Bash Pic

After a great night, we have an amazing autumn to look forward to including visits from improv favourites Do The Right Scene, Project 2 and a special improvised horror show from Degrees of Error. Go to our new website for more information

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