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The Travel Book – Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de la Ville de Genève, Switzerland

When you go to a new location you want to take in all that the city has to offer and enjoy the buildings, architecture, shopping and everything else! It is quite nice though on a quick city break, to find somewhere that is quite peaceful and full of greenery and if you are in Genève in Switzerland then you should visit Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève.

The Garden is open daily from 8am and is located near Lake Geneva and the edge of the city and is free to enter. It is  a really nice location to walk around as there are small gardens which educate you about herbs and plants that are used for medicinal purposes and is a great way to teach children about what each herb does. 


Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève was founded in 1817 and is the former area of where the Bastions Park was located. The botanical garden is classed as a city museum and it is home to over 14,000 of living species with 249 different types that are from all around the globe. The mass of what is available on show is actually one of the world’s largest herbariums and botanical libraries. The fact that the selection is so diverse and that it has this long tradition of botany in Genva, means it can keep maintaining roots with scientific activities.

I enjoyed visiting this garden as actually I learnt quite a lot from some of the exhibitions on show. On a nice sunny day it is a wonderful place as it is really pretty and a nice place to escape the business of the city.

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