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Forgotten Pop! This Week -North and South

Today we look at a band that did a similar thing to S Club 7 and were not only a band but also played a fictional boy band on a 1990s television show – yes, this week we are talking about the forgotten ‘gem’ that is North & South. 

The boy band was formed by former manager of East 17, Tom Watkins and their BBC sitcom was launched in 1997 called No Sweat. The group was made up of James Hurst, Lee Otter, Tom Lowe (who appeared on American Idol) and Sam Chapman and in the television show they were called Jimmy, Greg, Miles and Giles. The guys got the job of being in a band and television show by responding to an ad they say on teletext. Mark of A1 was originally meant to be in the band but dropped out.

The television show called No Sweat, had two seasons, one in 1997 and the other in 1998. The first show was set in Brighton and centered around Jimmy just moving to Brighton into an area with his overbearing mother. He makes friends with Greg and decide to form a band to get girls and money. Two guys from a rival school join the band and they form a group called North and South.

They released their debut single later that year called ‘Im A Man Not A Boy’ and reached number 7 in the charts and ended up as the 72nd biggest selling single of that year. It reached number 2 in Malaysia. The released a second single called ‘Tarantinos New Star’ but despite loads of promotion only reached number 18 in the charts. They still went on a sell out tour in the UK. Their third single called ‘Breathing’ only reached number 27 in the charts.

The second series of the television had low ratings and the fourth single No Sweat 98 only reached 29 in the charts. BMG Entertainment decided not to release their album called Allsorts and soon after this the band broke up.

So lets have a look at what North and South were all about.



I’m a Man Not A Boy

Tarantino’s New Star


No Sweat 


and for your viewing pleasure, an episode of the show

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  1. love this.. I have been looking for no sweat tv series for years and I still am.. I even contacted the BBC.. but they refuse to put it out on dvd or online to buy because not enough people want it? I am not one bit happy about this.
    looked everywhere I can high and low.. miss north and south so much..
    what can I do. PLEASE HELP ME!

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