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The Travel Book – Maille Mustard Shop, Dijon, France

When you visit a town like Dijon, the first thing that you want to know is can you ACTUALLY guy Dijon mustard – in Dijon? Well, my friends, I can tell you yes, yes you can but not just the one variety…

Dijon mustard originated from the area in 1856 when Jean Naigon of Dijon substituted verjuice for vinegar in traditional mustard. These days, most Dijon Mustard is industrially produced, however there is still a sense of mustard in the city as there is a Maille Dijon mustard shop in the city centre.

Maille is located on Rue de la Liberte and is open daily from 10am. Now, you may wonder why I am writing about a shop that sells mustard, well firstly it is an experience and it is not like any other shop you have visited. Secondly it has mustard on tap, like beer – and if that is not cool, then I do not know what is!


The shop is home to so many different flavours including parmesan cheese with basil and white wine, whisky and smoke pepper, rose wine and grapefruit, walnuts and white wine and so much more! The best bit is you can also try the different flavours before you buy! If you get a chance – visit it!

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