Improv Diaries – Sounds, Blindfolds and Silence…[Case Study: Meet The Crew, The Lonely Island

This week Punder Mike was in charge of the lesson and it meant that we were focussed on the world of character. The first exercise that we did this week involved another blindfold but unlike last weeks game this one was more about listening. When we were blindfolded the other members of the group then had to make as many different voices as they could and try and trick the blindfolded Punder into Thinking the voice was someone else. It was good fun and was really amusing to play.

We then went onto do a game where you use only you body movements to create characters. One person would get up and choose a character from television or film and then create huge actions In their character form and then the rest of people had to guess what they were. There were some really funny Creations and it had a lot of us in giggles.

The next game we played relied on bringing a scene to life with sound effects. Someone will do a scene in silent mime and then they will then redo that scene again but this time someone adds sound effects to different actions. It is a game that you can have a lot of fun with and we really had a lot of interesting scenes with the most random noises.

We then decided to play some of our own character themed games as well as trying to put twists on some of the new ideas that we have had. We have started to look at musical based games that we can bring to shows but that is a discussion for another time.

Case study: Meet The Crew, The Lonely Island

Meet The Crew is an album track on The Lonley Islands Wack album. It is a very short song where all three members of the group pretend to be different characters. This is a really interesting song because of the character work involved and really relates to what we were being taught this week.

If you listen to some of the characters you cannot tell which member of the band are doing them at times, this is similar to the blindfold game that we played as an exercise. When you are blindfolded it was sometimes hard to guess who was making the sounds because you start to learn that there are many ways you can adjust your tone to trick people.

It was a really interesting lesson and I would love to bring some of these characters from Meet The Crew to life in a Punders show.

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