Improv Corner – Watch Where You Are Walking

Sometimes when you walk onto stage, it is easy just to jump on as a normal person and then build up your characters persona when you are on stage. Sometimes it is easy to forget that you could actually walk on stage as a character and use your body to create the persona and not just a voice of a facial expression.

Well, there is an exercise that we were taught by a fellow Punder the other day that could be something that can be used as an exercise to remember to use your whole body when you enter a scene. It is based on the concept of Who What Where scenes but it could be fun to use it in a variety of warm ups to get used to using your body more.

Whenever two people do a scene they get told what they are walking in when they enter the stage – this means that it effects the way that they walk as they could be walking on something slippery, sticky or even painful. It works super effective and it really gets you entering a scene without even really thinking about the character that you actually are intending to be. It leads you to be more physical without even trying.

The great thing about this exercise, it is good to think of different materials that the people could be walking through which even makes that part of the scene a challenge. Try it different ways – try it so that both people walk through the same material, try it so that they walk through different materials and have to guess what they are walking through, make it a guessing game – the possibility’s are endless!

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