Improv Corner – Improv Resolutions

It’s a new year and January is all about starting a new venture, a fresh perspective and a different start. It is also a time when many people will make new years resolutions. Everyone looks at new years resolutions as a bad thing because they believe it is a strict set of rules that you have to live by and other people think of them as pointless.

I don’t believe that resolutions should be something that you follow strictly as a set of rules, I think it should be something positive you should aim to achieve in the year but also at the same time not pressure yourself.

This is why I have decided that this year I am going to have a few resolutions for improv, not to put pressure on myself but to help self develop an an improviser. Since I do improv so much, it is nice to set a few development idea to try and create new ideology.

So, here are my three improv resolutions for this year:

  1. Characters
    I love doing character but it is always something that can be developed and built on to make it better and that is something I want to focus on to make my character choices bolder and more creative and effective.
  2. Challenging myself more
    It is easy to stay in your comfort zone when you do improv so this year I want to challenge myself – this means taking on characters or decisions I wouldn’t normally do.
  3. Incoporating music
    I have been playing keyboard since I was three and guitar since I was seventeen but I have never really played in public a lot because I get really nervous. About 50% of Punders have trained in musical Improv and we want to incorporate a few games into our show. So this year I want to try and face the nervousness head on.

What are your improv resolutions? 

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