Improv Diaries – Final Rehearsals and ‘Winging’ It…. [Case Study: Film Trailers]

This week is the final week of rehearsals before our main show next week. The aim of this week was to make sure that we knew what we were all doing in the show and to test out the new format and make sure that we are all doing. Next week we have not one not two but three different shows so we need to plan for that.

We started of the lesson discussing the show next week and making sure that everything was in order and ready to go. We wanted to have more focus on our new games to make sure that we are happy with it. One of the games that we are playing is all around the concept of films and we have realised from playing this game that a lot of our knowledge of films isn’t exactly well….great.

Some of the times I have been given suggestions for this game I have really known what to do so we have changed suggestions. This week I took whatever suggestion was given to me and winged it. I think things such as popular social media, trailers, lego computer games have sort of helped me do certain films. I think this week for the run up is all about watching lots of film trailers to make sure I am ready.

Case Study – Film Trailers 

I have found that one of the things that I really think got me into Video Editing as a career originally was film trailers – I LOVED the job Cameron Diaz had in The Holiday and really wanted a similar job.

I think when it comes to improv, film trailers can be a really good thing because it means that you can research films to a minimal limit without coming off as a know it all but also hitting the audiences needs of the punchy one liners and actions that will make a film based games. I used to live it when Apple Products had the app Front Row as I would spend  hours watching all of the trailers on the Apple Store.

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