Improv Diaries – Re-inventing the Warm Up and Starting Acting Classes [Case Study – Stephan Davidson]

This week has been another really busy week in the world of improv and theatre. With November not that far away run through of the new line up of games is starting to become our main focus.

In the past few weeks it has become apparant that our warm up games ae becomng more and more silly and it makes them really fun.  We have started to sort of remix our warm up games to take them to a different dynamic and it really works well as it makes them more crazy and so much more fun. Next week in Improv Corner I will introduce you to a few at 6:30pm so stay tuned!

We have our main show in a few weeks so the main aim at the moment is to make sure that the games that we are creting new twists on work well. We always like to challeneg ourselves with new concepts and putting new ones into a show is a scary concept but also a really good idea as it makes you more creative as a group.

This week was also an interesting one because I started my first acting lesson of an eight week course! I decided to do acting for a number of reasons – the first one was that I wanted to do something that was not improv. I love improv but  a lot of my life is all about Improv so I wanted to do something a bit different. The second reason was that watching people on stage like fellow Punders James S and seeing how they are on stage you realise that people with acting experience approach the stage in a different way. I wanted to be trained in skills that I may not know to make my stage presence even better. Finally I wanted to do acting because I found it fun at school.

Whilst a lot of the warm ups were very similar to what I do in improv, i learnt a few new things in the second half of the show that I think will be helpful with Impro. One of the really important skills I learnt was how to do a vocal warm up to make your voice sound stronger and better on stage. When we did the simple warm up it made you feel different and you voice naturally pitched.

The one thing I really enjoyed doing was something that I have done many a times in improv training was leading with parts of your body. It’s a really interesting concept and he asked us to think about what part of the body we lead with in everyday life  Thinking about it I think I lead with my feet because I listen to music alot when I am out and about so I sort of have a dance in my step a lot of the time.

Case Study – Stephen Davidson 


This week there was only one person I wanted to use as case study and that was Stephen. He is in since ways the reason why Punders formed as myself and James met on his advanced short form course which was so good.

The one thing that James and I learnt from that course was that making up an improv game is a good thing. We tend to always try and make up as many games as we can as we like to try and be different and give the audience something they may not of seen before. Without those simple lessons on how to make up games with Stephan I don’t think any of that would of been possible.

Stephen is a really fun Improviser and also a great teacher. If you ever get a chance to be taught by him then take it as you really learn a hell of a lot from him. If you aren’t in London and don’t get a chance then read his new book which was released at the end of last month. You can find out all about Play Like An Ally by clicking here

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