Let’s Talk About… Tattoos

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges.



I don’t have any tattoos. Although saying that, it does not mean that I do not like them. There are many reasons as to why i don’t have them – eg scared of needles – but the main reasons I don’t have tattoos is because I can’t ever decide what I want and also where I would want it. That to me is a sign that you shouldn’t have a tattoo if you are not sure of that or committed to it.


Pete Wentz Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

I may not be sure whether I want a tattoo but I do like them – NOT ALL OF THEM – I like really arty and creative not one that is brightly coloured and look cheap. To me a tattoo should be classily done and I am more of a fan when they are small and not in colour. There are so many bad tattoos that when I come across a good tattoo I really remember it.


An example of a really good 3d Tattoo.

The sort of tattoos that I find really fascinating at 3D ones – it is not something I would personally have if i did have a tattoo but the artwork and the illusions created are so impressive and also can be pretty freaky if it is something that looks like a eye or a body part popping out. One of the tattoos I can think off the top of my head that I really like is Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy Nightmare Before Christmas arm strap. I love the cult and the characters around that film and his tattoo is so impressive. When I was a teen I would spend a long time looking at images of him at Kerrang!  just looking at the art work on his arm as it really is very impressive and tells a story.

Like i have said, I have thought about getting a tattoo and I have even thought about designs I would get. Whilst I may never get one, here are just some of the designs I would consider  as it is something that I have thought about more then once.

Piece of Holly


sort of similar to what i want

OK, this is verrrrry cliche because it is my name but a small twig of Holly designed really cleverly is something I have always thought about. I think I initially thought about this when I saw  years ago when I was a teen a photo of Fern Cotton having a Fearne leaf tattoo on her foot and it got me thinking that its a clever idea. I think if i had this i would want it small and sort of designed like a artistic pencil sketch.

Old Hollywood

clapper board

sort of similar to what i would want but a lot smaller and a lot more black and white sketch

I love everything to do with the film industry in Old Hollywood, especially the cameras and equipment that is used. I have always debated about having a tattoo to represent this whether it be an old camera with a film reel or a clapper board. Again small and done in a clever way.



Zero. Again would want him really small and all in sketch style apart from his nose.

The idea of having Zero the dog from Nightmare Before Christmas has also been an idea that I have always had as well as a tattoo idea, just small and again done in a really creative way.

Do you have any tattoos or want any? Let us know we would love to hear about them 

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