Let’s Talk About… Five Problems With Social Media

This month we are talking about a different topic every day to sort of bring you variety and to maybe even start a discussion at the end of each article. All the topics have been researched and been taken off of other 30 day challenges.



Like everyone else in the world today, i do use social media – whether it is instagram, twitter, facebook or even Goodreads, there will be some point in my day where i will check my social media channels for messages, news, random videos etc. I do feel though that social media can create issues and I thought that I would give you my personal 5 problems I have with social media.

1 – It has taken over life –
The main problem I have with social media, which I am sure many people have discussed this over time is the amount of time you can waste using social media. You can spend a good part of the day checking feeds to make sure someone has messaged you, reading what others have published and even thinking up witty responses. Social media can waste so much time. I have done detoxes from time to time to escape from the world of online, but lets be honest here, it’s the modern world you cannot escape it for very long.

2 – It has ruined reading
The e-reader is a fantastic thing – it means that you can read on the go and hold it on the smallest devices, although actually using a real book is something that you can really miss in the palm of your hand. Most people have their e-readers on their phones or portable tablets – but what are they linked up to? The internet? What else do you have on the e-reader – social media. So what do you tend to do now and again – check your social media channels. Airplane mode does not help lets be honest guys.

3 – It can ruin other media formats 
I am one of the lucky ones. Whilst everyone had seen Infinity War in the cinema I managed to avoid complete spoilers until i watched it on DVD. HOWEVER saying that, Social media makes it soooo hard to avoid spoilers because you can come across them accidentally and trust me it really SUCKS.

4 – Too much quantity over quality
The one thing that is a huge problem in the world of social media is the amount of saturation of content there actually is. So many pages on sites like Facebook (5 min Crafts, Ladbible to name a few) are designed specifically for hits, so they will publish lots and lots of content so that you click on it and share. That means that a lot of the content on social media is washaway – it is very hard these days to find quality content.

5 – Too much information
The one thing that I think is the worst thing on social media is the way that so many people share too much information. Whether it be something too in detail on Facebook or sharing a D pic on something like Tinder – the world of social media and the internet has made people share ridiculous amount of content that would be better off not knowing. I find that people use Facebook these days as a celebrity sort of thing – only posting to get noticed. 

What are your thoughts? Let us Know

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