Game show Vs The Comedian

Game Shows Vs The Comedian – All About Two

Comedians are being casted left right and centre as the hosts of gameshows. So welcome to a feature that is going to look at these shows in depth.

Whether they have been going for years, a week or got cancelled we have got them all. Welcome to the world of game shows. This week we look at a gameshow that was only a one off to celebrate BBC Twos birthday – All About Two 

Channel – BBC Two 
First Aired – 20/4/14
Hosted by Comedians –  Dara O Briain
Series – 1
Summary Of Show – A show which was a one off special to celebrate 50 years of BBC 2. 

About the Show 

Back in 2014, BBC Two celebrated a very special landmark – turning 50 and to celebrate the occasion the channel put on a variety of special shows including All About Two.  The show was hosted by comedian Dara O Briain and included some very special guests including Paul Hollywood, Ainsley Harriott, Sir David Attenborough and Joan Bakewell.

Dara O Briain and his co-host Richard Osman hosted a show that was all about BBC Two. The rounds consisted of lots of questions related to what has appeared on the channel as well as lots of things that you may not know.

Richard Osman was on hand to provide extra facts and figures to make more of an impact with the answers.



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