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The Travel Book – Grand Hyatt, Tampa Bay, Florida

When you go on holiday you want to find hotels that offer that little bit extra then anyone else. Sometimes these are very hard to find near an airport, however, in Tampa there is a hotel right nearby the airport that is like no other and if you get a chance to stay in it then you really should.


The Grand Hyatt is situated on Bayport Drive and it is situated on a 35 acre nature preserve on the eastern shore of Old Tampa Bay. This hotel is one of the flagship hotels that predominantly has a strong focus on business travellers but don’t let that put you off there is so much wonderful facilities on site.

There is an option to stay in appartments as well as a hotel and that is why this hotel is very special there is a lot of variety in where you can sleep and the hotel is so big, there is so much greenery to explore it is really interesting.  The hotel is home to a health club, outdoor pool, spa and so much more.


One of my favourite places in this hotel is near the outdoor pool, there is such a beautiful boardwalk that is peaceful and absolutely wonderful and actually really beautiful.

One thing that people rave about at this hotel is the Oystercatcher restaurant that serves seafood. Now, when I went there in 2013 I wasn’t that keen because I felt the service was very random, the guy would, I don’t know how to say it apart from  ‘mansplain’ how to eat our food and would not leave us alone and pretty much watched us eat. It was a weird experience. I also didn’t think that much of the fish either as it wasn’t the best I have had.

If you are in Tampa, consider staying in this hotel – the breakfast is amazing, the nature walks are really relaxing and you will get a really great night sleep.

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