Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Hope Of The States

Today we are sort of sliding away from the world of pop to venture a little bit into the world of Indie – today we look at a band that was from Chichester that were around between the dates of 2000-2006. Welcome to the world of Hope Of The States.

The band were named after a book about mental healthcare in the United States by Albert Deutsch. They were discovered when they sent a demo to the Planet Sound teletext page and were signed to Sony BMG. The band have had some success but along the way there has also been some sad things that have happened as well. One member of the band called Scott left them before they officially released their debut songs were released and their lead guitarist James committed suicide in 2004, just after they released their debut album.

Their debut single off their first album was called “Black Dollar Bills” and there is no record as to where it charted, however other singles to come of the album did chart. Enemies/Friends reached number 25, The Red The White The Black The Blue reached 15 and Nehemiah reached number 30. Their debut album was called The Lost Riots.

The album was welcomed as critically acclaimed in 2004 and did well in the indie world. Their second album was called Left and was released in 2006 with singles Blood Meridian, Sing It Out (Charting at number 39) and Left (which charted at number 63.)

The band played their last gig at the Reading and Leeds festival in 2006. So lets spend today looking at their music.


Black Dollar Bills


Enemies Friends 



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