Classic Andy Month – INTERVIEW – Coin Shops and Dusty Corners….

This month we are going behind the scenes of the London based improv troupe Classic Andy! Over the next few weeks we are going to be talking everything from improv to shows and silliness. In our second part of the interview, we find out what it is really like to be in the troupe!

What is YOUR favourite Classic Andy sets you have done this year and why?
We did a set in the context of an antique coin shop in Bloomsbury.  It gave wonderful opportunity for exploration of dusty corners, eccentric characters and ended with a 50p and a 20p coin having a philosophical conversation.

What is the best thing about being in Classic Andy?
We all work on exciting projects around this group and not only do we get to come back to a supportive and loving improv family, but we can bring back all sorts of things we have learnt, to share.

What is the most challenging?
Organising a group of people with varied schedules and lives outside of the group.

What have been some of your specifically favourite scenes you have created so far on the show and why?
Some of the most memorable and lovely have been ones where we are all supporting each other, perhaps with sound, object support or some kind of scene painting.  Ones that spring to mind are two crane operators in a scrapyard, surrounded by junk, two people running through a field of wheat and a bookshelf filled with emotions.

What have been the worst?
Struggling to think.  Not because we think our scenes are universally great but we may have wiped them from our collective memory!  Let a bad show ruin your breakfast but not your lunch!

How do you decide who to have as a guest at each of the shows you host
Sometimes we get approached and sometimes we approach others.  We like to find groups who are doing something a little different to us, to mix up the energy and variety for the audience, and who follow the Classic Andy philosophy of joyous curiosity!

To find out more about their September show on the 21st or to get tickets please click here.  

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