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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Blaque

This week we talk about a girl band that was around in the US back in the nineties and earLy noughties that were known for their R&B pop music – the girl band Blaque. 

The girl band was formed in 1996 but not hit the US charts until 1999; they were Shamari Fears,  Brandi Williams and Natina Reed. The group formed technically in high school when Natina and Shamari became friends and they moved to Atlanta and they won a record contract. They met the final member Brandi at a talent show and after she quit another band called Intrigue they formed Blaque. Shortly after that they signed to Lisa Left Eye Lopes of TLC record label, Left Eye Productions.

Their name unlike most bands actually means something – in many interviews, the groups have explained that the term Blaque stands for  “Believing in Life and Achieving a Quest for Unity in Everything.”

Their first official single was released on the 4th May 1999 and was called 808 and was produced by R Kelly. It went into the US Hot 100 at number 8 and the UK R&B chart at number 5. It sold 700,000 copies and went certified gold.

Their debut album was called Blaque and was released 1st June 1999. The album went platinum and peaked at 23 in the R&B charts. There were two other singles released off the debut album including ‘Bring It all to Me’ which featured N*Syncs JC Chasez and ‘I Do’.

In 1999 Blaque toured as one of the opening acts for N*Sync and also TLC. In 2000 they also starred as cheerleaders in the film Bring It On.

They were meant to release a second album called Blaque Out but it was never released as they got dropped by their record label.

Throughout the years there has been attempts to release new music however a lot of their music as faced with cancellation. In 2012 the band disbanded as Natina Reed got killed by being hit by a car.

So let’s celebrate the music of Blaque today.



Bring It All To Me 

I Do

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