Improv Diaries – Singing, New Games and sunshine [Case Study: The Weather ]

This week was all about the new – every so often in Punders we love to get a whole long list of new ideas for games and just remix them and alter them and try them out to see if they have a place in a show and whether they can be developed to be something special.

We started with warm ups we like to try and get into every single area of our body to warm up so we did one physical, one emotional and one thought based game to really get into the focus of Improv.

What we like to do when we know we have a show on the horizon is use party of the rehearsal as an area to focus on core skills of Improv – so each week for About half an hour The games that we play focus solely on an area whether it’s physical, justifying an action etc.

We then decided to do something that we haven’t done in a while and look at coming up with new games and ideas to explore. By the time we had all brought games to the party there was a huge list on the board and Then started to work our way through them. We didn’t make it to the end but we made it a good third of the way through.

The games that we did play were mixed up of games that worked well, games that didn’t and ones that we need to develop for the future. Whilst these games may not be played straight away in a show is always fun to see what we can focus on in the future.

Case Study: The Weather

Last week was the hottest week on record and had some of the hottest days that the UK has seen in years. On since days the UK was the hottest country in Europe and that NEVER happens normally!

I never usually put something like the weather as a case study normally but it really made a big impact on our rehearsal this week. Firstly the room was obviously airless even with the windows wide open but it also has an impact on the energy efficiency bring to a scene.

We, as always we doing a lot of physical based improv and in the heat it can be difficult to start active and not start metaphorically dying.

It did however have a really fun impact on the group – it was very active, everyone was full of energy and there was a lot of silliness and laughter.

It’s funny what the weather can do. Do this week I raise my glass to the dub for making our rehearsal full of wacky fun.

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