Funny At The Fringe – REVIEW – Manners, Dirty White Boys, Edinburgh Fringe Preview

The lights dim down and a very catchy pop song blasts through the audience as two happy chappy lads run down the centre of the chairs and the audience goes wild as they run up on stage with a huge amount of energy. Welcome to the world of Dirty White Boys and the world of their Edinburgh Fringe show – Manners.

The two guys of Dirty White Boys Jack and Chazz are here to make you laugh out loud at their sketches that anyone can relate to because alot of them take the Mickey out of everyday life.


They are a sketch group that are different from the norm. They don’t just do sketch after sketch on stage instead they are immersive. They bring the audience in and make them feel like part of the sketch family. At many parts of the show they  interact with the audience and really make them feel welcome and that is why they are so special.

One of the great things that Dirty White Boys do is use music to intertwine between the sketches – some sketch groups don’t think about that blank space In a show and this is a group that really think of everything.

A lot of the sketches are about 5-10 minutes long and are short enough to keep entertained and not long enough to become fed up of it. They really know how to appeal to an audience of all varieties and is definitely one you should consider seeing at The Edinburgh Fringe.


There are some sketches that work really well including one about a woman called Judith of upper class England with some very interesting ‘appetisers’ for his scene partner to feast on. The scene about quitting is one of the highlights of the set as it really is very funny and works so well with the audience and they respond very very well and laugh so much at the sketch.

One of my favourites is a sketch that runs throughout the show as a running joke about SKY – at first it is a very funny sketch as a stand alone but then they bring it back as a continuous narrative and that’s when it really hits the mark.

It’s really hard to write this and give a negative review of the sketches because they are all very strong and they hit the mark each time. The audience are roaring with laughter at all of the sketches they present to them and whilst they may not be a lot at the beginning of a sketch they grow throughout each sketch and really create a thunder of a laugh at the end. That is a really great thing to achieve as sketch writers and it doesn’t happen very often.

Seeing their Edinburgh Fringe Preview really highlights why these guys are award winners. They are very entertaining and have something for everyone. An act you really should go and see at the Fringe because if that’s the response they get at a preview i can only imagine the adrenaline and laughter they are going to create at the magic of the Fringe.

Rating – 8.5/10

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