NEW FEATURE: Game Shows Vs The Comedian – Taskmaster

Welcome to a brand new feature on the Phoenix Remix which is going to replace its sister feature for a while. Comedians may be huge in the world of travel but they are also huge at being casted add the hosts of gameshows. So welcome to a feature that is going to look at these shows in depth.

Whether they have been going for years, a week or got cancelled we have got them all. Welcome to the world of game shows. This week we look at one that has come on the scene in recent years and is one of my personal favourites – Taskmaster


Channel – Dave
First Aired – 28th July 2015
Hosted by Comedians – Greg Davies and Alex Horne
Series – 6 to date
Summary Of Show – Taskmaster is a gameshow where comedians are faced with a number of silly challenges and are competing to win the trophy of the Taskmasters head.

About the Show 

Taskmaster was first aired on the television channel Dave in 2015. It was based on a game show idea that Comedian Alex Horne took to Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. The game was inspired by other game show formats such as The Crystal Maze and also by Alex Horne’s jealously at friend Tim Key winning the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Award.

The format was tested at two Fringes with comedians Stuart Goldsmith, Josie Long, Mark Watson, Tim Key, Mike Wozniak and Joe Wilkinson. Before the shows at the Fringe, all of the comedians were emailed challenges and then at show nights it was revealed how well they did!

Avalon signed on as the production company and the show was pitched to many television channels and was finally  picked up  by Dave.  The main concern was that it had the same contestants for every show but Alex Horne fought the fact that it was very different to every other gameshow out there and so it went ahead in that format. The first season was filmed with the intention that they could be aired in any order however it ended up being aired in the order it was filmed. They didn’t get comedians to sign up until Frank Skinner agreed to be on the first series.

Throughout the seasons there had been many Comedians that have been on the show including Josh Widdicombe, Dave Goreman, Al Murray, Hugh Dennis and Russell Howard. Each comedians set of tasks are filmed over a day in a house in Chiswick. All the reactions on the show are genuine as they dont watch any of the others ways of approaching the tasks until in the studio.

It’s a show that has done very well for Dave and it had already been renewed for up to 10 series already, so there is no sign of this show slowing down.

My Opinion
Taskmaster is one of my favourite gameshows for so many reasons the main being that I love how silly the tasks are. I love watching well known comedians try and face really silly tasks such as building towers with lemons to making a music video with a ringtone and them having to take them so seriously. It makes me laugh so much and also I really enjoy these days playing along.


I  went to the first recording of the first season and wasn’t sure if I liked it and when I saw it on air the first time I didn’t like it. I went back to it a few months later and fell in love with it.


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