Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Tabby Callaghan

Today we look at a musician that was part of a couple of bands before having success through his auditions on X Factor. He was part of the band Petronella that was formed in 1998 by Tabby and his brother and they had a top 20 single in the Irish chart called ‘Feeling So Low’. The band eventually broke up and then the band Boom was formed which was renamed DZ5 when it auditioned for the X Factor.

Trevor O’Callaghan popularly known as Tabby Callaghan from Sligo in Ireland, auditioned in the X Factor with DZ5 although they were unaware that they were only accepting vocal based groups at the time. He was advised by the judges to re-audition as a solo act and he was lucky enough to become part of Sharon Osbourne’s team and make it through to the final where he placed Third. He dropped the O in his name when he started to appear on the show because he was advised it would make him more commercially appealing.

After the X Factor he appeared in his own ‘rockumentary’ on ITV in 2005 called ‘What Tabby Did Next’ which ran alongside the run up to the release of his debut single. His first single was called ‘Number One’ and placed number 7 in the Irish Charts.

Since then he has released a number of singles under the name Tabby and the Tsars including ‘Never Forget You’ ‘Brendan’s Song’ ‘Never Forget You’ and ‘Take A Swing’.

I couldn’t actually find a clip of any of his songs online so here are a few clips of him on season 1 X Factor

Pride In the Name Of Love

Sweet Child O’ Mine

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