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The Travel Book – Sunsets and Sunrise….

If there is one thing that I love when I travel then it is a good sunset and a good sunrise. There is something about a sunset abroad – they are just so full of colour and I love the artistic views it can paint in the sky. You can guarantee that whenever I come back from a holiday there will be a number of different photos on my phone dedicated to a sunset. Even when you end up taking the loads of photographs of sunsets in the same spot, you can still get such a different photo every night. Thats why I love sunsets, they always tell a different story. So today I am going to take you behind the photos of some of my favourite photographs I have taken over the years. None of these are edited they are all the raw copies.

Sunset near Tunisia 


 One of the most impressive sunsets I have seen was on Christmas Day in the Ocean en route to Tunisia and I was welcomed with this view and to this date it is still one of my favourite photographs I have taken.

You can get some of the best sunset photographs from a cruise boat and this one i adore as it looks like a painting. I adore the bold orange colours at the bottom and the way that it fades up into the darkness of the clouds. I adore the darkness of the sea as well.

Sunrise in Tortola 


This photograph is surprisingly enough at sunrise, it was taken yet again on a Cruise ship and was of one of the small islands on the entrance into the port at Tortola in the Caribbean. I really like this photograph for so many reasons and again its all about the lighting. I love the fact that it is perfectly timed that the sun is directly behind the small island. The brightness behind the island creates a real contrast of the darkness of the island and the sea in the front that creates a bold and bright colour.

Funchal, Madeira


I love a place that can create an amazing sunset every night and this is exactly what I found in our apartment in Funchal in Madeira. Every night, this island created some of the most breathtaking sunsets – the Feature photo of this article is another sunset I took in the same week as the one above.

I really love this photo because the sunset here is so different to any other photo that I have taken of one. I love the orange colours in this picture and i remember the beautiful colours that it paints in the sky and really makes it so artistic.

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