The Games That Time Forgot – Chicken Shoot, Ninetendo Wii

downloadToday we look at a game that was made for the Nintendo and was welcomed with a lot of negative reviews due to it having very bad game play and coming across as a lazy developed game that felt like it was only made for money – today we look at the world of Chicken Shoot.

The game Chicken Shoot is based on the ideology and concept on the much retro game of Duck Hunt. The aim of the game was to shoot down chickens as they passed on the screen. One of the main criticisms of this game was that there were hardly any chickens that flew through.

The game was criticized because both the game play and the graphics were very very basic and even though it was on the Wii it did not take advantage of the new technology that it introduced instead it kept everything very basic and too easy to use.

Throughout the game you visit different locations such as Antartica to the Nevada Desert and in each and every level the aim was to shoot as many chickens as you can.   Have a look at the video below just to see how basic this game actually was.

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