The Travel Book – Buckie, Scotland

Today we look at an area of Scotland that when I travelled there we sort of did by accident and it was one of the best mistakes that we have done! We were on a journey from Aberdeen up the coast by public transport to Thurso to go to the Orkney Islands and Buckie was a place that we stumbled across en route and it is one of my favourite locations that I have been to. It was a place that I saw Seals in the wild, a place where I fell in love with the rustic coastline and the place where the roads look like they belong in an episode of Top Gear or the Grand Tour because they are so picturesque.



Buckie is a burgh town on the Moray Firth coast of Scotland and is the third largest in the area after Elgin and Forres. The area used to be a very strong are for fishing and Shipbuilding and there is many harbor’s and history of this among the shoreline. These days the Buckie Shipyard now repairs the RNLI Lifeboats for most of the United Kingdom and helps with a vast amount of other clients such as MoD.


The rustic coastline

If there is one thing that is fantastic about Buckie then it is the wildlife and scenery that surrounds it. There are some really stunning views when you get walking along the coast and it is one thing I remember strongly about the area (I went there in 2007). When I went I saw lots of seals sleeping on a rock however reports online have stated that there are areas where you can see dolphins,  otters and even osprey.




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