Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Las Ketchup

Today we look at a pop group that were from Cordoba Spain that had a lot of success in the UK with a very popular song that was released on summer and even came with a catchy dance routine as well. Today we look at thr girl group Las Ketchup.

The girl group was formed in 2001 and was discovered by a flamenco record producer called Manuel ‘Queco’ Ruiz who had a new music record label valled Shaketown Music who he signed the girls to. Their first big hit was in 2002 was called Asereje which was also known as The Ketchup Song. It was a huge hit and it got to number one in a lot of countries including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Australia, Finland and the United Kingdom just to name a few!

The groups second single was called Kusha Las Payas and did quite well success wise but was no where big as the one before. The Ketchup song was so popular they re-released it at Christmas with a new video and festive vibe. All songs came off their first album Hijas del Tomate that was released in 2002.

After the success of their first lot of music they took a break to write more music and went on to represent Spain in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Not that long after that they released their second album Un Blodymary which was also the name of the song that they had in the Contest that landed at 21 in the competition. So lets have a look at their music today.

The Ketchup Song 

Kusha La Payas

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