Comedy Book Corner – Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life, Steve Martin

img_2312It is true what the quote at the front of the book by Jerry Seinfeld says – there really aren’t that many books that are brutally honest about the whole process of being a stand up comedian but this book is exactly that.

This book is not an autobiography where you will delve that much into the world of Steve but saying that it is honest and really in depth about his rise to fame through stand up comedy.

This book explores how he developed his act and how it became popular at a time when he was doing the different. It does delve into some private areas of his life including his turbulent relationship with his dad but it is important to the story as to why you need to read this.

It is a very good book and I really reccomend giving it a read. I would also read a book about this history of SNL to compliment it as it’s nice to hear two sides of the story about Steve Martin on the show.

It is a really easy book to read and also very enjoyable.

Readability Rating – 7/10

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