Off The Record – SPECIAL EDITION – Favourite Album Special

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!

Today we are going to do something a bit different – usually we look at one artist and their back catalogue. On social media recently, there has been a viral list going around where you share your top 10 favourite albums. So for one day only I will reccomend songs off some of my favourite albums.

Linkin’ Park – Hybrid Theory album

I love this album as it was the first one that really got me into rock music and every sone is just great

Pushing Me Away

I love this song, it has always been one of my favourite Linkin’ Park songs as it has a beautiful music bed and some wonderful lyrics to go with it. I really love the chorus as it really highlights just how amazing Chester Benningtons voice is – a great track to end an album and really recommend it.

Green Day  – Dookie album 

This album is one of my favourites because it really is pure punk rock. Also, it is one of the albums that got me inspired to teach myself guitar and some of the songs on this album were the first that I learnt.


I really like this song, I really like the drums at the beginning because it is rough and raw intro and it is so fun! It has a really great drum beat intertwined between some fun lyrics and a great set of guitar riffs. A Green Day classic.

Marianas Trench – Ever After album

This album I really love this album it is so creative and so imaginative that it follows a fantastic narrative structure and is full of so many fantastic songs.

No Place Like Home

There are many songs that I could of chosen off this album but I decided to choose the last track on the album because true to Marianas Trench form, it is one of the most creative. The song really rounds of and concludes the album whilst also exploring all the musical themes throughout the album. Sort of like a big finale track you expect at a musical.

Pulp – A Different Class album

I only listened to this album in full a couple of years ago and I really liked it – it is such a great album as it has a really fantastic narrative structure. 


There are many album tracks that I could of chosen for this but I decided to choose this one because it is a very creative track narratively and creatively and that is why i really adore this song. I don’t usually like songs that spell out words but I really enjoy this one because it is intertwined into the song in a very clever way that really makes this song come together.

Blink-182 : Enema of the State album

I love this album it is so fun and has such an amazing set of songs on it that are high energy and really good fun. It is a really great punk rock album and really defines how great Blink were in their peak. 


There are again so many songs I could of chosen from this album but I decided to go with the opening track because I remember the first time I heard it as a teenager – it made me happy because it was so heavy with guitars and a great drum beat. It is such a great track with a strong energy.

Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory album

This is an album that takes me back to my childhood as I remember it constantly being played on repeat – it is a track that has some of the best tracks of Oasis on it and a great set of album tracks. 

She’s Electric

A lot of this album was released as singles but one of the most underrated songs was left as an album track. She’s Electric is such a great track – it is so fun, catchy and just all round fantastic.

The Killers – Hot Fuss album

This album has one of the biggest Killer tracks on it, I really like this album because it is good fun, great choruses and just very good musically. Just a really fun track. 

On Top

This song is one of those tracks you can imagine listening to on a hot summers day, it has that real drive feel about it and it is a really great album track with a great set of lyrics and drum beat.

Muse  – Showbiz

I love this album for so many reasons – the one reason why I adore this album is because it introduced me to piano playing in rock songs and made me fall in love with a completely different area of this genre. Such a talented band and this album is very unique. 


You always expect a lot from the title track of an album and this song does not fail to deliver as in true Muse form, this song blows you away. It has many different elements to it which make it such a fun and adventurous.

Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster album

I am not the biggest fan of female singers, but Lady Gaga completely changed my opinion and this album is one of my favourites. Every song is a stand alone and is so fantastic – the lyrics and the musical talents combined makes this album amazing. 


This song is a stand out track on the album – maybe for not being the best, but because it is so different to anything else that you will hear on this track. It is such a random song which makes it so fantastic and definitely worth a listen.

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade Album 

This album is just fantastic – there are no bad songs on this and that is why I really like this track. There are so many great lyrics and musical melodies that make this track su cha  stand out. 


This song is another great album track and is one that again is noteworthy and needs a listen to. The reason why this album track is a unique one is the chorus is very melodic and has a completely different feel to the rest of the album. The best part of this song is the chorus, especially near the end of the song when more power is added to it.


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