Today we head back to the early eighties to explore a game character that had many games named after him and was part of a franchise. Today though specifically look at a game that was a direct coy of a Spanish game called Fred. Welcome to the world of Roland On The Ropes.

The game that was released in 1984 was created for Amstrad CPC and starred Roland who was actually developed by Alan Sugar, yes THE Alan Sugar. Roland was a computer engineer who worked at Amstrad. The aim of the game is to collect a variety of items such as bullets, treasures and maps whilst, you guest it, climbing up a lot of ropes! You have to climb the ropes to get out of the pyramid or cave You are stuck in.

The game followed simple game Controls and whilst you can kill some of the enemies some of them you cannot and you have to Avoid them which means you keep changing direction. If you die in the game the funeral march plays.