The Games That Time Forgot – Friday The 13th, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES

i-finally-braved-friday-the-13th-one-of-the-worst-nintendo-games-ever-900-body-image-1446023387Today we look at a game that received a lot of negative reviews when it was released in the eighties and was based on a very popular horror film of the time. Today we look at the computer game Friday the 13th.

The game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, it was published by LJN and developed by Atlus. The narrative of the computer game is very similar to the actual film and follows the same story. In each of the levels, you play as one of the six counselors at a summer camp. Each of them have a different limit of ability. The aim of the game is to find Jason Voorhees three times and defeat him every time.

In each of the levels you have to fight off a variety of enemies including zombies, wolves and crows. At certain times throughout the game a timer will appear and start to count down – this means that Jason is about to kill one or more of the children or the counselors.

The game was criticized by many for being one of the most difficult horror games of all time and it has been listed in an article by GamePro as the 10th worst game based on a film. People also commented on the repetitive music and frustrating gameplay.

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