Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Michelle McManus

We all have to start our careers somewhere and for some people, their dreams start to come true by winning reality television programmes. This is what happened to Michelle McManus in 2003 when she won the second series of Pop Idol. Whilst she is still dabbling in music and is also presenting, there are a lot of people who may not remember her music and who she is. So, today we are looking at the musical career of Michelle McManus.

Right from the get go, it wasn’t just her singing capabilities that caught the headlines it was unfortunately her weight and it became a heated discussion throughout the whole show and in headlines. However, Simon Cowell was a fan and put her through to the final stages as he felt her musical talents shone through. Right from the get go of the finals she was the Bookies rank outsider. The win however caused a lot of issues and problems. When it was announced that she won the judge Pete Waterman stormed off set in protest and Louis Walsh stated that he was bewildered by the win and that she ‘deserved her 15 minutes of fame.’ She got a lot of slating for winning and even journalists branded her the weakest winner of Pop Idol.

However, whe you win a reality competition contest, you get a contract and she as signed to Sony BMG and released her debut single ‘All This Time’ which went straight to number one in the UK Charts and stayed for three weeks in the top spot. She is the first Scottish female to debut at number 1 in the UK Charts.

After her debut single there was also a debut album that followed as well called The Meaning of Love which was released in February of 2004. It reached number 3 in the UK charts and received Gold Certification for seilling over 200,000 copies in the UK. The nexr single to be released off of it was the same name as the title and unfortunately did not do well in the charts – it reached number 16 in the UK and it lead to her being dropped by her record label.

Since the record drop happened she appeared on a number of television shows including You Are What You Eat and Loose Women. She did however try now and again to get back into music, in 2007 she appeared on Loose Women again to sing her new single ‘Just For You’ which was meant to be off of her second album Dancing To a Different Beat – however this album was never released. In 2012 she tried again to enter the world of music and was featured on a single by Manran called ‘Take You There’ which was set to be the official single for the STV Childrens Appeal which only reached number 70 on the Scottish Single Charts.

Now, whist she may not of had a lot of success going back into music she has a had a lost of presenting gigs as well as even performing one women shows at the Edinburgh Festival – this year she even joined the panel of Loose Women as a guest panelist.

So today, lets have a look back at some of the music she did have and celebrate the musical talents of a female that won a contest and beat all the odds against her.

All This Time

Meaning of Love


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