Podcast Month – One Episode Review – Reply All

This month we are trying to welcome you to a whole new batch of podcasts that you may not of heard of, got round to listen to or didn’t know they even existed! Well, I personally love podcast’s but a lot of the time I don’t have that much time to listen to something new. So as part of Podcast month, I am delving into the podcast’s I haven’t listened to yet and giving you my honest first response to listening to one of the episodes.

Reply All Podcast

The podcast that we are looking at today is all about the internet and delves into different areas of it each episode. This is a podcast that has caught the attention of many and is already past its hundreth episode. It is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman and launched in 2014 and has 3.5 million downloads a month.From reading so much positive feedback about it, i felt the only thing I could do was give it a try.

Episode Reviewed – Episode 109 – Is Facebook Spying On You?

Now, when I first looked into this podcast I wanted to choose a topic that I found interesting that I wanted to explore more. Now, for me, this wasn’t difficult finding a topic because the world of online always fascinates me, it’s probably because I did a degree in Interactive Media Production. My natural instinct is to find one about online dating because it is a topic that I have a lot of strong opinions about but instead I saw a title that interested me more and that was Is Facebook Is Spying On You?

Before I even began the episode I was so convinved that I would get bored and I would not listen to the episode the whole way through but it completely contradicted my ideas of what it was. It is really engaging from the beginning and really delves into the topic at hand, i does feel in some ways that you are listening to a mini television documentary in the American Format. It is however, so much more then that – they really explore the issue whilst also giving you real life case studies whilst also getting to the top people in companies to interview.

They also talk to audience members as well who phone in and talk about their experiences as well to see if the myth they are trying to crack has happened to others. If you want a really well put together podcast that is also educating and makes you think in depth about a topic then this is a podcast that you have to listen to. I really enjoyed this episode and I still want to listen to this even more – whilst it is not a podcast I wont be subscribing to (not because it isn’t great but because i am the worlds worst for keeping up to date with listening to podcasts) I will definitely be downloading a lot of the episodes in the future.

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