Comedy Book Corner – How To Be Champion, My Autobiography, Sarah Millican

She is a comedian loved by thousands and if you go and try and see her in Newcastle you won’t be able to as she sells out so fast – Sarah Millican is a female comedian like no other which will only mean that her autobiography will also be exactly the same.

How To Be Champion, is not just your average autobiography, no, in fact it is much more then that as each chapter has a section as the end telling you how to ace through life in that particular area.

The book covers a lot of different areas, her various different jobs, her divorce, meeting Gary (fellow comedian Gary Delaney who is her husband) and most importantly how she got into stand up comedy.

It has a lot of light hearted sections in the book as well as other parts that show the true raw side of Sarah Millican. It is a book about truth and she doesn’t fear about talking about stories of the past.

On a scale of autobiographies by comedians, this book fits nicely in the middle of these memoirs – it’s a nice balance of fun, wit with a lot of excretement throughout (I mean LITERAL excretement – there are a lot of toilet stories ) . It’s a fun little autobiography and one you should give a read.

Readibility Rating: 7/10

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