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Comedy Clicks – This Week – Back

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a comedy that has brought David Mitchell and Robert Webb back together and working again – Back


Opening Sequence / Theme Tune


About the Show

Summary of Plot

Sitcom following estranged foster-brothers Stephen (David Mitchell) and Andrew (Robert Webb) as they vow to take over the family business following the death of their father.– IMDB

Number of Seasons / Episodes

1  seasons



David Mitchell – Steven

Robert Webb – Andrew

Louise Brealey – Cass

Penny Downie – Ellen

Jessica Gunning – Jan

Oliver Maltman – Mike

Geoffrey McGivern – Geoff



  • The village shown in the title shot is North Woodchester near Stroud, Glos
  • created by Simon Blackwell
  • premiered on Channel 4 on 6 September 2017
  • The series received good reviews but low viewing figures, similar to Mitchell and Webb’s last sitcom, the acclaimed Peep Show


Classic Clips


Aggravated Baptism


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