The Travel Book – National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Sometimes finding a good museum is hard to come by and also when you visit a new city you want to dip into one to learn more about the area or just to see what the area has to offer or the historical background of it. Whilst every city has one sometimes you want a museum that is not like the others and is engaging and makes you want to visit again – in Edinburgh there is a museum right in the heart of the city that really hits all the right spots.img_1317

The National Museum of Scotland is location in the old town of Edinburgh on Chambers Street – which is a 10-15 minute walk away from the train station Edinburgh Waverly. The museum and exhibits are over a whopping 8 floors – so as you can tell there is a lot to see! It is open daily and the only day that it is closed is Christmas Day, it is also free entrance as well but donations are welcome!

The museum is home to many exhibitions and ever so often there are new ones that you can go and visit as well – such things that you can see include features on art, design and fashion as well as local history and the natural world.

As well as the galleries, the museum is home to one of the most beautiful rooms in Edinburgh – the Grand Gallery – it is such a beautiful space with lots of windows, pillars galore and really blows you away when you first enter the museum. The Grand Gallery is made up of four different floors and is home to many different galleries.


If you are in Edinburgh then this is a place that you must put on your list to visit as it is so unique and you can spend literally hours in there looking at everything.

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