Nostalgic Nineties – HitClips

I was born at the end of the eighties, so I spent a lot of the nineties as a kid and growing up – this means that whilst I have memories of this time they are probably not as strong as the noughties. So in this brand new feature I thought each week we will look at a different toy, trend, or object that was big in the nineties to take a walk down memory lane. Everything these days is all about technology and computers – so I want to explore the stuff that was around that wasn’t all reliant on the technology. So welcome to a new weekly feature where Saturdays just got Nostalgic!

It’s funny writing about these because i remember being so jealous at anyone who had a Hit Clip and looking back on them now they were pretty stupid and totally understand why my parents would not spend ridiculous amounts of money on them!

HitClips was a tiny device that you could put in your bag, pocket of even I suppose your keyring – they were mini portable players that could play these tiny little squares called HitClips – they would feature only one song by a musician and would only play a minute of the song that you had chosen to buy. I know! In a time like today when music is so accessible it sounds so stupid but in the nineties these were all the craze and this kid (me) LOVED music in any shape or form and felt i was missing out if i didn’t have the music craze.

Even though the company behind HitClips, Tiger Electronics, made $80million, there were a lot of mixed reviews as to whether they were a good idea or not. The first musicians to appear on HitClips were N*Sync and Britney Spears and were originally distributed as a MacDonald’s Children’s toy back in 1999.

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