Lost In Music – A Song From a New Album You Are Waiting To Come Out

Welcome to this Months feature! Now, January is a time when it is the start of something new and everything fresh! With that means that people are always on the lookout for new music! Well, this feature may not bring you a lot of new music but it will welcome you into my world! Music is a huge part of my life – if i am not listening to it, i am playing my guitar or keyboard or even writing a post for this site (Off The Record).

So to start off 2018 I wanted to write about a topic I love and I came across this daily challenge so I thought why not turn it into an article! So here we go! Lets start with the first in this monthly feature – Lost in Music (You probably have that song stuck in your head now its by Sister Sledge).

A Song From A New Album You Are Waiting To Come Out: Hold Me Tight Or Don’t – Fall Out Boy

I have been waiting for a good few months for the new album from Fall Out Boy to be released and even though it was delayed, it is finally being released at the end of this month. The first song that was released off this track, Young and Menace had a very different spin to their other music and it made me wonder what their new track would be like and was a bit intrigued about the new direction in which they were going to take. Then I heard this song.

When I first heard it, it was with the music video and I was doing what I tend to do too much, take more notice of the music video then the actual song and didn’t think to much of it. I then added it to a playlist to listen to on my commute to work and from the first listen I became completely and utterly addicted – so much so I put this song on repeat for the whole day. It had that effect on my that the song in the previous post did to me (Olly Murs) – it made me want to dance and made me feel happy.

This one song has now made me very excited and desperate to hear this song on the album and see what it does for the whole track – I get very excited about new music, especially when it is an album I am very much looking forward to.

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