Lost In Music – A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

Welcome to this Months feature! Now, January is a time when it is the start of something new and everything fresh! With that means that people are always on the lookout for new music! Well, this feature may not bring you a lot of new music but it will welcome you into my world! Music is a huge part of my life – if i am not listening to it, i am playing my guitar or keyboard or even writing a post for this site (Off The Record).

So to start off 2018 I wanted to write about a topic I love and I came across this daily challenge so I thought why not turn it into an article! So here we go! Lets start with the first in this monthly feature – Lost in Music (You probably have that song stuck in your head now its by Sister Sledge).

A Song That Makes You Want To Dance: Heart Skips a Beat – Olly Murs

There are so many songs that I could of put for this topic, songs that made me want to dance on the dance floor, songs that i used to love dancing to when I was younger with dance routines but in the end i decided to choose a song that not just makes me dance but actually makes me happy.

From the moment I first heard this song I really liked it – it’s catchy, its got a great beat and it was just really a good feel good song. It’s one of those songs i can just put on in whatever mood I am in and it will make me smile so much and want to dance. That is always a sign for me of a song that i like – it makes me want to dance.

A few years ago me and a friend went to a recording at ITV which was basically a mini gig starring Olly Murs and this was one of the last songs that he performed and it was great – it was even better in a small room and it made me love a song i already loved, even more. It’s funny how certain things and events can do that. That is why I chose this song for a song i can dance to.

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