30 Best Songs of 2017 pt 2

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. This year has been the year of the comeback, so many artists have returned to the music scene and have had huge hit singles in doing so. Today we have a look at the next ten in our list of greatest songs of 2017.

11) Scared of the Dark – Steps

This year saw the returns of many bands to music scene including one of the biggest pop sensations from the late nineties – Steps. The song they returned with made every Steps fan very happy as it had a hint of classic pop with it and a dance routine that all fans would die for. They also went onto tour around the UK later in the year. That is not the end of Steps as they have already announced a tour for 2018 – so watch this space!

12) One of Us – New Politics

New Politics released a new album and One of Us was the lead track to come off of it. The song has hints of Queen to it and was quite a catchy little song – if you haven’t heard it then be sure to now!

13) You’re In Love with a Psycho – Kasabian

Whenever Kasabian release an album you can guarantee that there will be some singles released that will be addictive and make you want to listen to it over and over again. Kasabian didn’t just do that this time, they also released a star studded video including people such as Noel Fielding (who is good friends with the band). This was definitely one of the best albums of the year so be sure to have a  listen to it.

14) Sign of  the Times – Harry Styles

As you are probably well aware already, many ex-Directioners made their solo career debuts this year and the one the press were waiting for was Harry Styles and to fans he disappoint. His new sound is very different to what people were used to and it ended up gaining him more fans and it will be interesting to see what Harry brings to the music world in 2018.

15) Feels – Calvin Harris feat Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean

Calvin Harris released a lot of music over the summer and this is one of those songs, it has really summer vibes and features some of the biggest names in the music industry. Like a lot of Calvin’s songs, it is also highly addictive.

16) Tonite – LCD Soundsystem

Another band that returned this year and one of the first shows that they played their new music on was none other then SNL. This song has a catchy electronic bass and was part of an album that is very fun to listen to.

17) Strip That Down – Liam Payne

It has been a big year for Liam Payne, becoming a dad to Bear with partner Cheryl and also releasing solo music, his first like the others since leaving One Direction. This song is very different to the other guys music and did well in the charts for being so catchy.

18) Wall of Glass – Liam Gallagher

This year saw the return of one of the biggest Indie stars to the scene and brought with him one of the best albums of the year. The first song off the track Wall Of Glass made all Oasis fans very happy and even spoke to this generation. I mean you know you are real rock and roll when you follow noone on Twitter and have millions follow you!

19) Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

Selena has been in the press a lot this year, with going into hospital, to dating the Weekend star to returning to the arms of Justin Bieber. However she has also released some brand new music and this uniquer little number was one of the first songs she released off it. It has a very unusual beat and is randomly very addictive one you get used to it.

20) Woman – Ke$ha

One of the biggest returns to the music scene this year was Ke$ha – she has been fighting a ferocious battle with her producer and has now been allowed to return back to the music scene. The album she released is a world of emotion and this is one of the catchiest songs off the track – a must listen.

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