When I was a kid this was one of the best things about Christmas Day – waking up and seeing that you have a stocking at the end of your bed full of presents!

When I was a kid I would wake up take the stocking or pillow case and go into my parents room and open presents. It was always so much fun – I used to love the stocking fillers as they were always silly little things that were a lot of fun and makes Christmas even more great!

The one traditional thing that was always in the stocking was an orange – a big fat juicy navel and this was always lovely to have as Christmas and the smell and taste of oranges go hand in hand.

One year I was so excited by Christmas I woke up at 5am and opened a few presents on my own and went back to bed – I felt so guilty about opening them on my own that I never did it again!

It’s a shame that stockings aren’t a part of adult hood because it really was a fun little morning routine to do!