24 Days of Christmas – Hardest People to Buy For

I am very lucky as I never have to buy a lot of presents over the Christmas period because I have a very small family. I find my mum very easy to buy for and the friends that I do buy for I always have a keen idea as to what sort of present i should get them.

Usually for friends at Christmas I tend to send them silly presents – something small or generic and obviously relevant to them. When its their birthdays i tend to go more creative and think of something more personal – Christmas is for everyone so why should I make their present for that time more important, i personally think its more vital to go all out for their birthdays.

I do find that the hardest people to buy for are men. For women, if you are stuck for ideas you can buy a gift set or something nice and smelly whether it is a candle or a set of bath things with men however its not the same protocol which means I personally can find it really difficult. I have even found this the case with guys that I have known for years – I may know them inside out but i still find them really hard to buy for!

The only time I find men easy to buy for is when I get given one for a Secret Santa present at work because I will try and find a silly gadget around the price that’s been set and lets be honest men LOVE a gadget no matter how silly it is!

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