That Time When – I Fed Penguins

For a friends birthday present this year I surprised her with the opportunity to feed penguins. She was really surprised and excited and was looking forward to doing it – I had only paid for her to do it so I was ready to take photos for her to keep.

When we got to the location the penguin expert invited me to go along for the ride as well which i happily accepted as I love penguins and find them so entertaining to watch.

When you entered the enclosure the first thing to have to do is make sure that you watch your step – the penguins know that you have fish on you so all they want to do is eat eat eat.

When you have sit down the thing you first get is bombarded with is an army of penguins – these creatures are hungry and they want their fishes!! The thing you get taught is that you must hold the fish by their tales and feed the penguins head first – this is because it is easier for them to slide down the penguins belly.

One of the most important things was to make sure you held the fish on the tail fin because penguins have sharp beaks and when they are hungry they will accidentally peck. A few of the penguins that we were feeding were quite young and still getting used to feeding on solids so we were told to push the fish slowly into their mouths in their entirety.

It was a great experience – each penguin had their own personality and it was so much fun feeding them I really recommend it to anyone.

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