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Forgotten Pop! This Week – The Moffatts

Today we look at a band that was meant to Bridge the gap of genres between Hanson and Blink 182. Today we look at the music career of The Moffatts. The bands music career started from an early age and they were focussed solely on county where they had success but because this is a pop feature we are zooming to 1998 when they decided to hangs genres.

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The group that was made of four brothers changed genres in 1998 when they turned teenagers. They recorded a new album called Chapter 1: A New Beginning and they played all their own instruments.

The band became very successful – their album sold over six million copies worldwide. The record was particularly popular in their home country Canada and Europe. In Canada they were also announced as the hottest new band of 1998.

When they released their next album they decided to alter their genre again and this time went for a more rock style to try and transition from being the average boyband. The album was called submodalities and was also accompanied with a documentary to follow the process in changing their style. The first single off the album Bang Bang Boom went straight to number 1 in the Canadian charts and was the fastest rising single in Canadian music history.

However no amount of success was able to keep this group together and in 2001 the group broke up. So let’s celebrate the wonder years of this group and have a look at the hits.

Miss You Like Crazy

If Life is So Short

Bang Bang Boom

I’ll Be There For You

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