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The Travel Book – Bronx Zoo, New York City 

When people go to New York City they tend to go and see all the popular tourist sites. However there was one that was a slight disappointment and I can recommend an alternative a very short distance away that was a million times better. Now it may not be clear yet what I am going on about yet so let me just build a picture for you. You see this place in films and animations and it looks amazing, it looks like it is the place you want to visit – trust me it’s ok but not great – the clock is the most worthwhile thing. However, if your looking for a zoo in Manhattan that really is amazing then you should really visit the Bronx Zoo.

Just a short train ride from Grand Central Station, is the station Fordham which is just on the edge of the Bronx. If you walk past the university you will end up at The Bronx Zoo. The Central Park zoo is ok but the Bronx is treble the dice and feels a lot more worth the money, also I found the enclosures a lot bigger for the animals in the Bronx as well.
The zoo is open daily between 10-5 and is $36.95 for adults and $26.95 children – this may seem pricey but to put it in hindsight just how big this place is – I am a fast walker and I walked the whole place in three hours – and that was because I was in a rush!!!! I could of easily of stayed there all day as there is so much to do and see.

The zoo is home to a variety of animals and species including birds of prey, lions, giraffes, flamingos, sea lions, gorillas and so much more! It is not just animals at the zoo, there are many activities that you can get involved with including the Treetop Adventure, Bug Carousel, 4D cinema and a monorail.

If you are looking for a fun day out then this is one place I highly recommend that you visit if you go to New York

Based on visit in 2010 

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