FEATURE: Bartolo Creations – The Joy of Silence 

I love silent films – I adore watching Charlie Chaplin films. No matter how old they are, they make me laugh out loud so much and adore the comedy timing. One of the best books I have ever read was his autobiography and I learnt so much about something I love even more then Chaplin – the old film industry.

One of the short films I love producing is silent films and in the past I have done a few of these. I created a character back in college called Mr Alf – he was based off the character of The Tramp however he was more of a unlucky type of character – he always gets into random situations and always that ended up with some sort of business man chasing him.

I did two different films – I really enjoyed filming the second one as I was working with some fantastic comedy actors and they really brought the stories to life.

I really want to produce more silent films in the future as I just love how much fun and creativity you can have with them.

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