Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! This Week – Evan and Jaron

There was a time when the pop industry thought that hiring a set of twin brother with a “hot” look would make them an automatic success and loved by millions. Whilst this may work for some artists it doesn’t work for all. Today we look at the career of Evan and Jaron, whilst they were in the  music business for a long time, there most successful time was in the early noughties.

In the mid nineties the group released a couple of albums such as Live from KaLos Coffee House and Not From Concentrate when they were independent. They were discovered when they were touring by Island Records and were signed. The guys from Georgia, United States, released their first official tracks in 1998 with the album We’ve Never Heard of You Either.

The album was full of twelve tracks including Like the Rain, South of Tennessee and There You Are Again. In 2000 they released the album Evan and Jaron on Columbia records which included singles such as Crazy For This Girl and “The Distance”. When they started to become really popular, Evan decided to start a family and the touring stopped.

They went on to appear in reality TV show American Inventor in 2006 and also appeared in USA Character Road Trip. So let’s walk down memory lane and remind ourselves of their music.

Crazy For This Girl

The Distance

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