Travel vs the Comedian: Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father 

Tomorrow Netflix embark on the journey that so many other channels have and that is the travel and comedy combo! Yes tomorrow, you can binge watch to your hearts content the latest comedian on his travels – Jack Whitehall.

Jack Whitehall never took a gap year travelling, so instead of just going around the world on his own he has decided to do one better – take his dad along with him.

Enjoy the show as the duo embark on a journey across south east Asia. The show allows Jack and his 77 year old father Michael live like a student on a gap year in hostels and cycling on hectic roads.

It is not the first thing the family have done together – they used to have a show together on BBC and Michael is usually a strong part of Jacks stand up routines. Here’s the trailer below to get you ready for tomorrow.

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