This week the improv scene is slowly returning to London as the comedy festival season is over. One of the must see shows of this week is improv troupe Improvable. I sat down with Stephan Davidson to talk about their up and coming Show.

Hello Stephen! Tell us about Improvable! Who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

We’re a group of 4 improvisers from all over the world, who love playing together! We’ve been together for 4 years, and have put on shows all over the place. We’ve got a very warm and fuzzy, audience-friendly style; it’s a great first improv show for people who haven’t seen it before.
What date are your shows? 

We perform a free, full-length show on the first Wednesday of every month, as well as regular shows around London- check out for full listings!
How did you come up with the name Improvable ? 

With a long idea-generating session and a vote!
Tell us all about the show that you are bringing to the new nursery theatre?

It’s a mix of long and short-form, with lots of games and scenes. The first half is a bit like, “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, with some of our own games mixed in, and then we do some longer pieces in the second half. We do a format called the Living Room, which has a nice relaxed and chatty feel, and makaes for a cozy evening.
What are your favourite things about performing improv to an audience at the and why? 

We love to share the joy of it, really! We aim to leave audiences feeling warm and fuzzy, and completely laughed-out. The vibe in the room is always super positive and happy!
What have been the highlights of the shows you have performed previously? 

We recently shared a bill with Scott Adsit at the Nursery theatre, which was a lovely experience- he’s great, and very nice! We’ve performed at a number of festivals as well (The Camden Fringe, London Improv Festival, Shoreditch Improv Festival), and we love our regular gigs. A personal favourite was an improvised Murder Mystery we performed in Ancona, Italy- we were flown out to do the show and some classes, and we all love to travel so that was great!
What other improv groups do you find inspiring and why? 

We really like the Maydays- they’re great improvisers, and we also like that the group has lots of different shows that they do, in lots of different styles. It’s important to keep things fresh and creative!

What is your advice for new improvisers who want to perform their own shows with their own troupes? 

Commitment is a big one- I think lots of troups fall apart because of things like regular rehearsals not being organised well, people dropping out at the last minute, etc. I think Improvable have survived because we’re all excited to show up and do it regularly! If you’re a nervous performer, knowing you’ve prepared by going to all of the rehearsals is also really helpful.
What differentiates you from other Improv shows? 

We do both long and short-form improv, which is quite rare! A lot of improvisers start with short-form and move on to long, assuming it’s the next step. Short form is really fun and funny, though- shows like Whose Line are what got a lot of us into improv! We always make sure our shows are going to be fun for somebody who has never seen improv before, because we want everyone to have a good time.

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media? 



We’ve got a mailing list as well, which you can sign up to on the site- emails go out once a month and there are often discounts on classes and shows 🙂
And Finally – in three words, why should people come and see you at The new nursery theatre?

Fun for Everyone!

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