It’s the second show for Netflix under a new name and a new format – Wet Hot America Summer returned on Friday under the sub heading Ten Years Later.

The show follows on where the film left off – ten years later. In the eight part show we see what has happened to the campers ten years later in 1991 when they reunite at the camp. Expect to see all your favourites – Coop, McKinley, Beth, Katie, Andy and so many more. There are a few changes to the line up however – for example the biggest change is Bradley Coopers character Ben being replaced with Adam Scott. 

Since we have mentioned it – let’s start with that – Adam Scott. Whilst it’s a change in character and a lot of the shows it would not work – in Wet Hot Summer it seems to work well the change as it is all about the silly the show. It’s not just the silly and the excuse they use for the change that makes it work but it’s Adam Scott as well as he can channel Bradley Coopers version of the character very well.

Just like the television show and the film that came before it is pure silliness – at times it can come across as a bit too silly and you do question why you are watching – however nothing will be as silly as the Chase between a can of vegetables and a full grown men in the film before.

Some of the story lines you question why they have included them – for example two new characters are introduced that you are made to believe were always at the camp but you just didn’t see them.

The stars of the show this time round are Michael Ian Black, Adam Scott, Chris Pine, Molly Shannon, Michael Showalter. Adam fits perfectly into the role of Ben with a lovely moment with Amy Poehler that Parks and Recreation fans will enjoy. Whilst Chris Pine and Molly Shannon are not in the show that much they bring some of the silliest scenes that are very numerous to watch. This show really is all about Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter – they both play two different characters and appear a lot which really does make them the face of this television show. They are entertaining to watch and create some of the really silly fun that makes this show what it is.

Wet Hot America Summer Ten Years Later is one of those shows that you should watch if you are looking for something that is completely silly and wacky. Some of the storylines don’t make sense but that’s what make this show the cult classic that it is.

I highly reccomended before watching every Ten Years later you watch Firat Day at Canp and then the film. The show makes a lot of references to these two and also the continuity errors that feel like they have deliberately kept them in, will be more numerous to watch.

Watchability rating – 6/10, it’s not as good as first day at camp, but if you like silliness then you should definiately watch.